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Once you’ve committed to change, you need to know what to expect. The good news is, in recent years we’ve converted more labs to Metrohm IC than ever in our history. Through that, we’ve discovered a theme on what people care about most and we’ve made that our specialty.

  • Industry Leading Delivery Times

    Once you’ve spent time researching a smart decision, you shouldn’t have to wait months to receive your equipment. Our 24,000 square foot warehouse located in Tampa, Florida houses ready-to-ship instruments and consumables ensuring you have quick delivery. 

  • Preparing for Installation

    As the big day approaches, we have built in some additional touch points to ensure you’re confident about our plan for your success. Once your order is placed, you’ll be introduced to your local service engineer who will begin the process of understanding your goals and timing for getting the new hardware onboarded.

    Additionally, this service engineer will coordinate a specific preparation call between you, your sales rep and themselves. We understand there are a lot of logistics involved in readying your lab for a new instrument and we’ve found this an invaluable step that helps you feel prepared and part of a smooth experience.


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Metrohm-107 HiRes